Forms and Permits

For the protection of the public health. safety and welfare. The Borough of Weatherly has adopted the Pennsylvania Uniform Construction Code. Persons who are planninq any home improvement proiect should call the Borough Office to ask whether a Zoninq or Buildina Permit is required. Permit applications mav be obtained at the Borouah Office during normal business hours.

Dumpster Application | (Download .pdf)


Zoning Permit Officer - Harold J. Pudliner, Jr. 570-427-8640


Building Code Officer / lnspector - Tino Nocchi


Zoning Application | (Download .pdf)
Zoning of District Regulations | (Download .pdf)
Zoning Ordinance
| (Download .pdf) *Coming soon
Zoning Map | (Download .pdf)
Building Application | (Download .pdf)

Permits are required for but not limited to the following items:
New construction, alterations, additions to structure, roofs, fences, porches, decks, garages & driveways, retaining walls, in-ground and above ground pools, storage sheds and all signs.


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